Sunday, 25 November 2012

Blowing away with the cobwebs

Sometime in the night the wind has picked up and ushered all the last hangers on of the listless summer off centre stage and into the wings, like some over bearing stage manager, so that Autumn can make full use of the clever lighting effects of the season to show off her glorious red, yellow, copper and brass costume. The wind has pushed before it the heavy rain,washing away the mud on the road until it glistens like a black river in the moonlight on my drive home. All is clean and bare, ready for the approach of winter and eventually  Christmas.

The fires are lit, the curtains drawn and we are cocooning, as the french say, for the dark months of winter ahead and for the promise of snow.

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  1. These are the evenings when one needs a roaring fire to sit by.
    WHERE is your followers button???