Thursday, 3 January 2013

2013 here I come!

The last wisp of 2012 and  a wish for 2013

Christmas has come and gone with all its hustle and happiness and now, in the quiet time that follows,  I can sit back in the suddenly empty  house, enjoy my own company and  look forward  with excitement and a head full of  ideas for this new year.  I love entertaining and having guests but the quiet that follows is wonderful as well !

It seems nature is looking forward too.  It may be only January 3rd but the  birds seem to think that spring is on the horizon and the hedges are full of  squadrons of swooping squabbling sparrows this afternoon. Our goats are definitely getting giddy  the youngest having taken to sitting on the kitchen window sill looking in whilst his father, being more forthright, head butts the door demanding I open it to scratch his head for him. Even our one remaining goose and duck have taken to marching up to the door to tell me its about time I got of this computer  I buckled down to business.

So Happy New year to you and let us all look forward to 12 months of  enjoying being ourselves.


  1. Happy new year, may it be a very good one for you.
    Finally....the follower button arrived!!

  2. Hurraaah back at last, may your writing flourish in 2013 as it did when we first met you !!

  3. Yes............lovely to see you writing again. I may yet join you!!!!!!!! It is very spring-like this week- and the snowdrops are coming up in the garden.